Pilates with Anne Hillion is not only an excellent work out of muscles etc,that I didn't know I had, but is also fun. What impresses me is the fact that we are given different levels of an exercise in class (as we are all different ages and ability)so that Anne is always aware and warns us, not to push ourselves too hard so causing injury. Also she is hands on when necessary, encourages us and making sure our bodies are in the correct position so that we are getting the full benefit of the exercise. I would recommend her classes & look forward to them each week.

P Fitch Hunsdon Class 2018

I am really enjoying the class, my only struggle is knee pain! But I'm not giving up, I always struggle to stand up straight and have noticed a difference already as I correct myself thanks to you & attending class.

Elisa M.- Widford Class 2018

I have severe back problems and although I have been able to do most things until recently, I find I cannot now. Anne is a very clear instructor in her explanation of exercises we are doing & she watches and makes sure we do the exercises correctly & do not exceed our capabilities. We do work hard! Those of us that find it hard to do the exercises are always given good alternatives. Anne goes around helping and correcting, we all feel she is totally aware of what we are trying to do and individually helps us...an advantage of reasonable numbers in class. I find Anne a very clear and very helpful instructor.

Gillian Robinson- Hundson Class 2018

I joined the group a little sceptical but willing to give it a try as my wife had completed 2x8 week sessions and found it very beneficial. Being 66 years old I often wake up a little 'creaky'. Having joined and completed a 6 week course I now find that most of my aches and pains are disappearing. Anne is aware each week of her audience/ participants and pitches accordingly. I have found it most helpful as well as enjoyable and I intend to continue next year. Highly recommend.

Keith F- Widford Class 2018